A child’s heart, a rock and a diamond.

A short story from my heart

A child’s heart is like a diamond.
It never fails to reflect the light that shines around them, so because of that, they seem to shine too.

I was never like that though, because I do not have the ability to reflect the light that surrounds me because I am not a diamond, I am a rock. A hard and cold rock.
Or that’s what I thought,
I’ve wondered so many times why I can never shine like the others around me. Do they contain a heart of a child that’s why they can do it and I can’t?

I came to notice that my heart is just as child-like as theirs but why can’t I shine?

Maybe I’m abnormal?
Maybe I’m just not worthy of fitting in?

Maybe I really am just not in their lane?

Maybe I have to face facts? I am just a rock and they’re diamonds.

I just had to accept the truth that I was just a simple plain rock and not a diamond that is special and unique like them.

It was hard and it was sad but those experiences made me wiser and stronger than I was before. I was bigger too. It was like that for a long time.

One day though, somebody, a miner, came to me and he picked me up. At first, I never really thought that things will even work between us because he could probably like them who would just ignore me because I am just a simple rock, but he still picked me up. I thought that the miner was a pretty nice guy. We enjoyed being together and I like being close to him, I mean he does put me in his pocket like all the time. Remember when I told you that I was growing stronger, well actually when that happened I also developed a wall, a hard and thick wall around myself but the miner slowly started breaking my walls apart.
It was hard but it felt nice, I felt open and happiness came to me. I felt so happy that I shined.

Wait, what? Rocks can’t do that.

The miner was shocked to see me, and I was shocked too.

I was a diamond all along?!

But it didn’t matter to me anymore. Even though as a rock or a diamond the miner kept me close and that’s what’s important.

Finally I found somebody.
A friend and a person who can accept and love me.


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  1. gapawa says:

    Beautiful story. Thank you for the follow! Tell me a little about life from your perspective:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aya's Cave says:

      Sure! I’ll write something about life soon. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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