Wanting to be productive but no time.

Random Thoughts (Rants. actually heh.)

It’s sad when you want to do things like for example draw, paint, write, read and watch random videos but you can’t because school priorities had to go first because if you don’t do them first, people will get mad at you.

I really find it weird that schools are taking time away from students from doing something productive and probably do something to enhance whatever skills they have.

You’ll have to stay 11-12 hours at school to learn and attend your classes and you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep so in an average day you’ll have to spend 20 hours at school and to be able to sleep properly. Those 4 hours that you have left are not exactly spent all in homework, 2 and half hour of that 4 hours (estimated)  are the time for eating, showering and going to the bath room. 1 hour and a half hour is spent on walking around and transporting from place to place so you’ve spent 3 and a half hours, so you’ll only have 30 minutes left to do your home work and that 30 minutes will be used up to talk to people or watch your favorite tv show, so basically 24 hours is consumed everyday, considering all our ‘natural needs’, but everyday schools will give us tons of homework that we spend 3 hours or more just to finish. Sometimes we even sacrifice our sleep to finish these works for the sake of our grades and if this continues on a daily basis, eventually the brain won’t be able to handle so much stress due to the lack of sleep and it will no longer function properly leaving us unable to finish our tasks and maybe sick because of the lack of sleep and stress can weaken our immune system and if this happens it causes more work that we need to finish to pile up and when we get better the cycle continues and what’s worse is that you’re the one to blame because you didn’t manage your time well, which is a statement I find redundant because the thing that people lack in school is considering the time that students will waste writing and printing papers that will eventually fail and be thrown away.

If schools would give less homework, less work and pretty much shorter time, could it honestly help children spend more time to enhance their skills, spend more time with their family and spend more time actually doing what they love?



Note: Just a rant of mine



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  1. gapawa says:

    It’s not just a rant. We live in a deadening groggy mammoth of a society headed no where. Perhaps headed towards destruction. It looks similar everywhere. Different trappings but the same old nonsense. It’s ok though! You and I, we have the freedom to act differently.

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