My thoughts on technology.

As I was buying fruit shake at a nearby shop earlier.
I saw a car and I told myself that I wanna draw that car and I tried drawing it in my head.

Well, my technique for drawing is to make basic shapes that will serve as a guideline for my drawing or the figure I’m drawing. I did, I set out rectangles, triangles and circles in my head. Then when I finally got the figures together I couldn’t really figure out how I will form it into the image I wanna portray in my drawing. Then, I thought, maybe it’s because I do not have imagination and creativity like the people before, like the famous inventors, famous scientists and a lot more. Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, Imagination circle the world.”

That’s when I realized what most people lack nowadays is imagination and creativity. Our Technology does everything for us that all we have to do is tap on an app and tap on icons and then it’s done. I doubt that people even know how to send a letter through PO boxes, since the existence of chatting and emailing. People have forgotten or they don’t really know what or how manual things work. I don’t even know if people still know how to use a disposable camera because almost everybody uses the cameras on their phones, where you can just tap the capture button and it’s done.

I can’t say that I hate technology or I’m against technology because I love technology and I wouldn’t be me if I don’t have my gadgets. Honestly, I find it hard to do things manually even though my family is not really that in to technology. They’re not fans of technology but I am. I think I have taken technology for granted.

Well my point is, they destroy creativity and imagination because they limit the capacity of normal people to do things manually. This generation is driven by mindless robots who were made to take over our chores, work and to aid our needs, but we continue letting them take over our lives as well. As a result, we have forgotten a life without the internet, our phones and our laptops. Not to mention that electronic waste increases every year.

But due to the fact that people strive for quality and quantity in such small amount of time, the balance of our economical lives will always and forever more depend on technology, I guess we will forever be slaves of the appliances we created.





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  1. gapawa says:

    Isn’t it interesting that even though we have automated almost everything, people do not seem to have more free time to enjoy themselves?

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    1. Aya's Cave says:

      Yes, it’s pretty much like we are enslaved by the technology we create.


  2. gapawa says:

    I’ve thought of going for a week with no technology…I think the withdrawals would be something fierce


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