Poem: A Friendly Advice by Jose P. Laurel

I was looking through my old encyclopedias when I found a really old paper with a poem written by Jose P. Laurel, one of the former presidents of the Philippines.  (It’s really old, it just doesn’t look old because of the lighting and my phone’s camera is not that good)



by Jose P. Laurel
Be reserved, but not sour;

Grave, but not formal;

Bold, but not rash;

Humble, but not servile;

Patient, but not insensible;

Constant, but not obstinate;

Cheerful, but not light;

Rather, be sweet-tempered than familiar;

Familiar, rather than intimate’

And intimate with very few, and

On good ground with all around you.

I’ve decided to share this even though I’ve been so busy lately because It’s really rare to find pieces of paper out of nowhere that will just speak to you.


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  1. kawsar91 says:

    Thanks for sharing this aya. A poem to relate to. Love the images as well ! The ” familiar rather than intimate , intimate with a few ” is really relevant to myself.

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    1. Aya's Cave says:

      I’m glad you liked it. Thank you for reading it.

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  2. chelsea says:

    Hello Aya, I really enjoyed the content you’re putting out on your blog. I find how you have everything displayed with your theme works really well with the style you are going for! Awesome work!

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  3. Enrique Laurel says:

    Hello Aya thank you for posting this poem He is my grandfather

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  4. Enrique Laurel says:

    He wrote this Poem when he and his cabinet members were in prison in sugamo japan after the war because his men were getting to each other’s nerves

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    1. Aya's Cave says:

      That is so amazing!


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