Lessons I learned from losing things and people

Photo was taken by me when I got lost in our recollection site.



I’ve always been the type to lose my stuff because I am so messy, unorganized and I’m really forgetful. I always lose my money, my ball pens, my phones, my notebooks and books, my jewelry, my gadgets and my friends.
Losing something that you really like or something that is really important is really devastating, but good things can always come from it.

  1. Losing your things help you become responsible.
    I know it sounds ironic because losing your things mean you’re not responsible enough to take care of them.
    Losing things teaches you the fact that  you should be more alert, more aware of your surroundings and more guarded with the things and people around you. It gives you that thought that I shouldn’t let go or I should care more about this thing or this person.
  2. It shows you the importance of the small things you have.
    Losing things, especially those who’ll find essential later.
    For example,  losing a pen, at first you’ll just ignore it but after a few minutes, you’ll realize that you need it and it’s really essential and then you’ll feel frustrated and next time, you’ll care about the little things too.
  3. It helps you realize that the things you have are just temporary.
    Losing your things help you by teaching you that some things are gonna say farewell one way or another. After all, nothing really stays there forever.
  4. Losing something can be a way for somebody else to find it.
    Losing something really is not as bad when you think about it, it’s possible that you can honestly help out somebody in need. For example, if you drop your money, there’s a chance that somebody in need might get it. The possibilities are endless but isn’t it amazing that through the thing that you lost, you could technically play a minor part in somebody else’s story.
  5. Losing something teaches you how to move on and accept things just the way they are.
    You can never do anything if you completely lose something.You can cry, get mad or sometimes just sob til the frustration is gone, but by the end of the day all you could do is accept it. You have no better option, you can’t be sad about something that’s gone forever, acceptance is the only thing you can do then move on.
  6. Losing things gives space for new things.
    Life is about losing things and having new ones to take their place.
    By losing some, we give opportunities for others.
    The old stuff we had were good but who knows if the new ones are better.

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