A day for myself: How I spent my break

I’ve been stressing out lately because of school, priorities, work and applications for different events that I have to attend but despite all of the things that I did and failed to do these past few days.
I finally had half a day for myself.

I used this day to at least rest and do what I want.
It really helped with reducing the stress that I have.

Here’s what I did and I hope it helps you if you finally have time to rest.

1. I drank milk and read a bit of Noli me Tangere or Touch me not written by the National Hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal.

You should read and drink something like tea, milk or coffee to help you relax after a tiring and stressful day or week.

Drinking Milk is really relaxing for me

2. Spent some time with my beloved pet.
I spent my hour watching TV and playing with Maxie.
You finally have time, spend it with your pets. It makes you both happy.

Me and Maxie watching TV

3. Draw, Write or Listen to Music.
Spend your time being creative through making art.
It helps you with developing your skills and it helps by becoming the escape way of your stress out of your body.

12557779_466334320217023_31844743_o (1)
My drawing of Sisa from Noli me Tangere

4. Spent my time listening and dancing to music inside my locked room.
No need for an explanation just let those stresses out through your fancy moves!


If you’re like me who’s always busy. I hope you try to do the same.
It’s nice breaking up with work once in awhile.


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