Rants: I wish I was the older sister

I love my family from the bottom of my heart. I always think of them first every time I have to decide on something that will greatly involve them.
I’m even thinking of having a gap year when I finish High School to help out my father who is desperately trying to raise me and my sisters.  I know that it’s really tough for my father so I try my best to be a good daughter. I try to stay inside our house and study and I try to do something productive with my life.
My older sister has always been the black sheep of the family. Like I’ve mention before in my other blog posts, She’s a rebel. She goes home in the morning,she lies to my dad, she leaves without permission, she drinks and even gambles from time to time.

As the second sister who can take her place I try my best to be responsible and talk to her and at least understand her but my sister is honestly pathetic and she uses the ‘i’m still the oldest sister’ excuse every time I try to reason with her.
Today me and my sister fought because she was being a brat again.

I was folding the clothes when she kicked the basket like the freak she is.
She was calling me irresponsible and such names because I didn’t do the house work.

I do the housework like every day and all she does is watch tv.
This weekend, I was so busy I couldn’t find time to clean. She yelled at me about how I’m not helping her. Of course I have other more important priorities to attend to and all she does is like watch her stupid Keeping Up with the Kardishians show.

Today, I just had enough of her so I had to fight back. I have no regrets.
She can call me a bitch, a slut, an idiot like always if she wants. I don’t care anymore to be honest.

I said a lot of true and mean things about how pathetic she is and the way she goes out with her friends and tell me that it’s because she has depression and such is just plainly stupid.
My sister is not the only one who suffers from depression, she’s not the only one who goes through a lot.
I know that I’m completely hating my sister right now and I’m saying a lot of irrational things but this is just me ranting about her.
Then I found a tweet that my sister made saying that we made her the way she is and I was again furious.
We did not make her like that. She made herself like that. It was her choice.

To everybody like my sister out there who chooses to do wrong things because you’re depressed or something like that. I just hope you don’t go blaming us once you’re on the floor looking from mercy and sympathy from people.

We understand that you’re going through something but doing/choosing bad things over the good ones because bad things make you feel better is completely idiotic and pathetic.

I may sound mean, or some might find this offensive but I don’t want anybody to blame other people because they placed their selves below them.
You chose to be miserable. You chose to be pathetic. You chose to do bad things.
Some people out there are probably going through worse situations but still has the heart to choose good over bad. So You don’t have any excuse whatsoever to do so. You had a choice that will affect everyone one way or another. The results maybe good or bad but always remember that by the end of the day it was your choice.
Note: This was just a rant about my older sister who is plainly crazy.  (I still love her tho)


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