What happened to me and more (Tedx and a Story)

It’s February! Finally!
I have a lot of things planned for this month!
I even considered this as my ‘Blogging Month’ when it’s supposed to be the month for love.


About the Art: I will surely post it one of these days,
But it won’t be much of a one go post.
I will do it by category. (Isn’t that neat?)
I actually am struggling with time but I love drawing so it’s pretty much worth it.

One minute sketch I made showing my current situation regarding the art

Last month has been a great(stressful) month.
I’ve participated in so many events,I got sick and I had to deal with a lot of stuff with school, but the highlights of this month is that I went to my very first Tedx conference at Xavier School last January 23, 2016.



The conference was about Rethink Change.
The speakers were really amazing and inspiring. I loved all of them.
I’ve seen how change can happen by talking, being a leader, cooking, walking around a forgotten place or even just looking in the mirror and calling yourself pretty or handsome.


Out of all, there was one speaker whose Talk spoke to me like it was meant for people like me.

Joddi Chua’s talk who I found relatable for I think that we have a lot in common when it comes to leadership.

The most important thing I learned: Indeed, change is finding a balance between your weaknesses and strengths.
Being a leader is not about shoving your bad points in a box and trying to replace them with good. It’s about learning to work with your weaknesses for the better.

One more highlight that I had was being able to officially write my first storybook for children.
Target readers are from 5 to 12 and I wanted to have a bit of Filipinoness (and Yes, I am from the Philippines) reflected on the story.
I actually wrote this a day before my deadline because I was struggling with adding a bit of nativity to my first story/concept but I made it into a poem instead. I couldn’t continue the first one because it lacked something that is a part of me, but then inspiration came. I have my thoughts about it in my Diary, the story actually was based on a thing that happened to me. I saved a little kitten who got stuck hanging on a clothesline.  This was something that happened that really helped shape the story in an instant in my head. I spent almost 20 days thinking of finishing my story and then right before the deadline I experience that and I throw my old story out my window. Inspirations do really come when you least expect it. So, now I’m currently waiting for the email from the publisher so we could formally talk about how or when it will be printed but I will post it here on my blog.

Here’s the link: https://captainaya.wordpress.com/2016/02/01/short-story-munting-bayani-little-hero/



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