My experiences in TEDxBritishSchoolManila

Last March 12, 2016, I attended TEDxBritishSchoolManila (that was held in British School Manila)

The theme was Express Yourself

The event started approximately at 1:25 pm, but at 12:30 we were grouped and did a few activities.

The first activity we did in my group was pretty much introduce ourselves and play a few games. The first game was a mix of charades and pass the message through a chain of people that are in a line. It was pretty funny and nobody pretty much got the correct answers.  The second game was 2 truths and 1 lie, unfortunately we didn’t finish the game because it was already time for the actual event. (It would’ve been nice to finish it though)


When the actual event started, First came the Opening Remarks, then an Opening video and then First batch of speakers.

The first speaker was Rooye Moore who  talked about a project that was held in Payatas (or Smokey Mountain), the biggest dump site in the Philippines.
He mentioned the kinds of community they have there and their way of living (or technically surviving) everyday life.  He saw the Democratic Education as a solution for the people of Payatas.

Rooye Moore during his talk

“The poor aren’t the problem they’re the solution”

“Solving the problem is cheaper than ignoring it”

The second speaker was Sergio Gabriel, ( he was my favorite speaker. I was really awed by his talk that I forgot to take a photo of him on stage) and for me he was relatable, he was funny and sorta a geek and both of us lost somebody dear from cancer..

He talked about his point of views as a story teller and the reason why he shaves his head every year and that is to donate his hair to those people who are suffering from cancer. He also talked about how your story is you and how it can change other people’s stories.  His talk was the best one in the event (for me) It inspired me to influence others with my story and because of him I’m also thinking of cutting my hair so I can donate it to people who are in need of it.

“You are your story”

There were also other speakers, Jay Jaboneta who talked about the Yellow Boat Foundation who donates boats to kids who needs to swim to go to school. The boats were painted yellow, inspired the yellow school bus.

Jay Jaboneta during his talk



There was an intermission right after the 3rd speaker and there were 3 booths. First about about psychology, the other biology and one about Math’s relationship with beauty.


After the intermission another speaker Joseph Javier, one of the great architects of the Philippines had his talk, followed by one video talk then one musical act.
I didn’t get the name of the performer but his song was amazing, his voice is amazing the way he played his guitar was amazing. In short, he was amazing.

A Photo of his performance

After his amazing performance came another Intermission.

During the intermission there were 4 activities prepared for the guests. All were  about Art, Music, Dance and Architecture. The Music group sang a song called Heroes, The Dance group danced to the song Hit the Quan and the Architecture group made a structure made of straws.

I belonged in the Art group and we were told to draw something that defines poverty and prosperity. We did it separately and within 10 minutes. Some of the people there were impressed by what I made so I was told to speak in front of everybody which ended up as something so humiliating. I was never good at talking to people but doing it in front of people in Tedx. (Let’s just say I never stuttered and spoke awkwardly that horribly in my life. )


A picture of my drawing

Prosperity and Poverty doesn’t only limit to the things you have and food you have on your plate but also your family and to the love you receive. Some people are considered poor because they don’t have any materialistic things and some are considered poor because they lack love and a family and vise versa. -A thing about prosperity and poverty from yours truly.

(The actual definition that I failed to explain) 



After the intermission, the last batch of speakers had their talks, the speakers were Hindy Wender Tantoco, a well known fashion designer and Carlitos Siguion-Reyna a great and well known director in the Philippines. Both gave wonderful talks, both inspiring and motivating.  (Especially Hindy’s talk. You can learn a lot from her life and her talk) 


After the talks there was  one last Musical Act from that Amazing guy earlier (Honestly, I’m still looking for his name because it’s pretty sad that I can’ give him any ‘proper’ credit and I want to listen to his works again. They’re really amazing)  followed by the closing remarks and that was the end of TedxBritishSchoolManila, Express yourself.


The experience was really amazing (and awkward) but throughout the day I managed to slap myself across my face and socialize (Unlike what I did in TedxXavier). I managed to talk to a lot of people and get recognized by some through my art and sharing some stories about me and after the event I was pretty much screaming because I met another fan girl (of Thomas Sangster)

Let’s just say after the event I came out as a different person. More ‘me’ instead of that awkward little munchkin that came in there before 12:30.


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