A peek inside my psychotic mind


My mind is a road avoided by many for it’s so dark and twisted



Sometimes I dream of murder,

Sometimes I dream of pain.
After going suicidal
I probably am going insane.


My friends are never there to help me

Or that is what it seems.
I think I’m stuck in this fantasy world,
Filled with nothing but bad dreams.

I could no longer express myself,
for no words will come out.
Whenever I look in the mirror
I see a girl filled with hate and doubt.
Regret, Anger and Despair

Are all that I can feel
I walk in this world alone,
Not sure if everything I see is real.

Day by day I see agonizing people,
and a world trying to cope.
But despite all the crazy,
This mind still has a bit of hope.
Hope can be as small as a pebble,

So look around and maybe it you’ll find.

A little advice for those like me,
Who suffers from the same psychotic mind.


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  1. jademwong says:

    Painful and heartfelt, but with a tinge of hope, and as long as there is hope, even if it’s just the size of a pebble, hold on to it, feel its smoothness in your hand and never, ever give up ❤

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  2. marvel.child says:

    what Jade said

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  3. I can definitely relate to this. I always tell myself that happiness is hard to obtain but makes life easier and misery is easy to obtain but makes life harder. With happiness comes forgiveness, acceptance, resilience, strength, courage, but it’s hard work. We’re all human subjected to trials and tribulations regardless of what man-made category we happen to fall into. We’re all doing the best we can. You are not alone.

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