What to do when you’re feeling uninspired

Writing is not the best of my abilities and due to the stresses of my everyday life, I need more than a push and pull to get my brain and hands working.

If you’ve been on my blog before you’ve probably noticed that I only post once a month or probably twice a month. That’s all because most of the time, I can’t think of how to continue all the ideas I came up with so I always give myself weeks to think about it or if I want to continue talking about that certain subject.

If you’re feeling uninspired. The first thing you need to do is:

1) Give yourself some time.

Always give yourself time to think about your topic. All the wonderful ideas won’t come instantly or if you’re like me, They will come but continuing it is the hard part. Don’t punish yourself by stressing out on why you can’t think of a topic or ways to continue the subject. It will just come on its own. Just give it time. (Honestly this is the lesson I learned only recently)
2) Look back at your old drafts and ideas. 

You’ll never know. Maybe inspiration is there waiting for you to find it.

3)Go outside!
Finding inspiration is like playing Hide and Seek. You
won’t find it if you stay in your room or in one place. Go out and seek for inspiration.

4)Talk to people.
This is what I do most of the time. I talk to people or spend time with some of my friends. Most of the ideas I come up with is honestly inspired by them. Sometimes I even ask my best friend (Patrick) for ideas and I use his ideas as basis for future topics.

5) Listen to Music that isn’t your usual type of music.
Exposing yourself to things you’re not usually exposed to can be also be source of inspiration. Same goes for reading, read new books, read the newspaper or some funny comics.

6) Sleep and Dream

This is my final tip for today, and that is to Sleep. Sometimes the reason why I don’t feel uninspired is that I feel too tired or stressed out to even look for inspiration so I sleep. When I have a dream I pretty much try my best to remember what happened and analyze it. Most of the time it gives me ideas for future topics.
These tips have been useful for me in so many ways. I hope it can be useful for you too.


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