Excuse the cusses,

They are essential part of this thing that you’re gonna read.

Memories came to me like the Summer breeze during the first week of May,
like the Summer breeze, memories also went and faded away.

Experiences shaped who I am like a baker baking cookies.
Some are happy ones, some are sad, some are just plain blurry.

Time can be a bitch sometimes, 
A lot of time can change you.
The me I knew started morphing into somebody new. 
I started changing, shaping and thinking differently.
Sometimes I'll go and ask myself my what ifs, my what should be?

Adjusting to these new circumstances is hard.
My life without you means a world with one more lonely retard.
I've come to adjust through the days of misery,
but sometimes you just can't help but want a little company.

Mysteries and Questions are pretty common in my everyday.
No being, No life, No shadow will stop by and say hey.

Order is unusual in these parts of my mind.
Chaos, betrayal, loneliness are some of the things you'll find.

Remembering hurts, but sometimes I have to.
Reliving the pain, the joy, the loneliness is the only thing I can do.
Trying to look for the lesson behind all of this,
The lesson behind this world with no bliss,
A lesson that will put an end to this crisis.

Personally, I don't even know if I'm lonely or angry.
But to question myself more than I have is just a waste of energy.
People used to call me kind but twisted.
Now I just feel sad, alone and wicked.

Home, I have forgotten about the existence of it.
I've been alone the whole time, I wonder if somebody misses me even just a bit.

Over now is everything.
But literally change will keep on coming.

Surrendering to change is a bittersweet victory.
Losing who you are is essential to be who you should be.
Sorrows will come but soon they will finally leave you.
Maybe you'll feel like an empty glass or a happy hue,
But surely you will feel that deep within something is new.

Importance of the things happening right now is a mystery,
But everything that happened led me to find independence and maturity.
Inspiration too is one of the things I continue to find.
I feel like finally, together my soul and my heart are intertwined.

Salvation is coming like an angel flying towards me.
Maybe, somebody is coming to finally pull me out and set me free.



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