Story: Balloons




I was cleaning a few of my stuff when I saw this little balloon. It was one of those small balloons I made for my Dad’s birthday. We never really got the chance to use it due to some events, so some of them popped and was just scattered around and under my bed.

I saw one of those balloons and started playing with it. It was so small and so soft, It can be used as a stress ball,So I played with it for a few minutes.

I suddenly had this brilliant idea that I should pop it and put it on my journal because it would look cute and whatnot.


So I proceeded to cut it and then let all the air inside it come out.

When it deflated, It didn’t appear the way I thought it would. Since it wasn’t stretched anymore. All the small pieces of dirt was already visible. Lines that were barely visible when it was stretched were visible and were over the balloon.
Suddenly, it didn’t look so good anymore. It wasn’t cute enough to be on my journal.

I suddenly had a thought, everybody’s like that.

We tend to do things randomly because we think it’s a hell of a great idea when we come up with it. We give so little thought about the thing we’re gonna do. We just feel like it’s gonna be great because of this shinning huge idea before us, that once it is done. We realize it’s not what  we expected it to be. We suddenly regret what we have done and just mope about what we have done.

Like what I did with the balloon. It was already ruined. If I only thought about it for a second, I would’ve still got a small little stress balloon.

And whatever I do, I can’t tape it back together again, I can’t sew it back together and I can’t fix it anymore.
It’s basically worthless now.

Well, I guess I learned a small lesson that day.

Never do things to fast even if you think they’re pretty great and nothing will bad happen once you do it.

Cause believe me, something will always happen.
Best learn something from it than just continue to disappoint yourself cause of it.



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  1. Gina says:

    You’re Right. We Tend To Have An Idea And Start Acting Upon It Without Planning And Thinking It Through. Its One Thing To Have Ideas, Its Another Thing To Ensure Its A Good One. This Post Was Very Thoughtful. Well Done

    Liked by 1 person

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