Things I’ve learned this 2016


I did this last year and I thought why not do it again?

This year has been extraordinary.
So many things have I learned that I want to share so that’s what I’m doing now.

I know some of the lessons you’re about to read is simple and maybe not really lessons at all but in a personal perspective, there are the lessons I’ve finally realized and applied in my life. Some I can say that I’ve truly learned, they are different from what I realized because for me learning is something I truly understand and accepted.

1)Everybody is afraid to show who they really are.


All of us are afraid to show others who we really are, even if they are the closest to us because we’re afraid of what they’ll think or even feel about us because deep inside everybody is uncomfortable with themselves. Everybody is insecure by human nature  so every time you feel bad about who you are and feel like you need to make a wall that keeps people away from the true you, or a mask that hides your real opinions or emotions, know that it’s okay, but you also need to learn that sometimes your opinions and emotions or who you really are entirely is essential to live a life with no regrets. Things will progress in life at the perfect times so when you feel like it’s the time to break the wall o remove your mask, don’t hesitate to do it.


2) This isn’t a perfect world.


Life is not like a movie, it isn’t perfect. Nothing is completely perfect in this world.

Life is unfair for all of us, it’s just that our perspective of unfair is different for one another

Sometimes all we could do is accept it where life puts us and do our best to struggle with everybody else.


3) Asking for help is okay


People are afraid to ask for help all the time maybe because a lot of us thinks that it’s shameful, that it makes us weak but I want you to know that it’s okay to ask for help and by asking for help no matter afraid you are is a huge sign of bravery. There are a lot of unkind people out there in our world but there are good ones as well. Whatever happens there’s always a lot of people waiting to help, wanting to help. Sometimes you just have to find it in you to look for them.



4) Everybody is mean and there’s nothing we can do about that


Some people have issues, but even so we need to respect them. It’s best to just let them be but if you ever find yourself questioning you because of other people’s words, opinions or stories then you have to just cover your ears and not listen to them. The meanest person we can ever encounter in our lives is ourselves. If we start listening to those people and stop listening to ourselves and the truth within us, our voice will change into a cruel person and there’s nothing worse than that.


5) It’s okay to live with your imperfections


We all have flaws and your flaws make you special.


6) It’s okay to be afraid


You don’t have to be brave 24/7. You are allowed to be afraid and nobody can stop you from that but in the end if it’s really needed you have to pull yourself together no matter what.


7) You can’t and don’t have to impress everybody



Nobody keeps track of your mistakes so it’s okay to make them and nobody keeps track of every good things you do so you don’t have to try and impress everyone even if it’s the little things.


8) People won’t always accept who you are


Everybody is wonderful in their own ways and sometimes there’s only some people who can see it. Some hates you because they see things they hate within their selves or they have issues, all you have to do is examine yourself, if you find that you have faults then try to make amendments and when you find no error then the problem is with them.


9) Sometimes you cause pain to people too


The world doesn’t revolve around you, you are not some damsel in distress, you are not the victim forever. We do things everyday, say things that we are unaware of and sometimes you can hurt others as well, like the way other people hurt you, and when you do it, you must apologize no matter how hard it is for you. If apologizing is hard or not even applicable to the situation, just let it be, it won’t fix itself but maybe it’s not the time to fix it at all.


10) Everything can go wrong and that’s not your fault


When everything is falling apart, maybe it’s just because it’s 2016 or maybe it’s because things are transitioning to form a new chapter in your life. Stay strong, it will pass.


11) Love is Crazy


I don’t have to explain this one. It just is.

UPDATE: I’ve made a horrid mistake of putting 2017 in the title instead of 2016 and I just noticed it now. 


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