Always remind yourself that it’s okay to not be perfect.

We humans now strive to look perfect, or at least appear that we are perfect, that we have no flaws whatsoever.

Body shaming is a thing so common right now but still, people won’t even bat an eye. I have been body shamed all my life because I was very chubby and according to the last time I had my body examined I was already over weight.

Since the teasing started pretty much when I was  a kid, I pretty much grew used to it. People would say I was ugly, fat or my hair looked weird.
People will call me names like, spaghetti, pig or witch but I really just didn’t mind this but it still impacted me.

When I became a teenager, I didn’t want my new classmates to say things like that either so I tried my best to appear clean, proper and perfect..

It was frustrating, of course because I wasn’t used to this kind of stuff and it wasn’t me.
I was starting to feel trapped inside a prison cell I made myself. Day by day became more difficult until I just stopped, once again I started caring less and less about what people say about me and even I thought that I didn’t care I still did and that still made me miserable and I couldn’t keep my appearance as normal as possible because of all my stresses and etc.

Among all the people who said bad stuff about my body , appearance and hair. There was a teacher who really marked in my head. He would always give me sarcastic compliments, he would tease me because I’m fat, he would compare me to other people straight to my face.

Once I was right in front of him, while he was convincing the guy I like to stay away from me because I was so below average and his ex was so much better than me because She was above average. He then acted that he didn’t know that I was there tho.

Since then,  myself esteem dropped to zero, I believed I was ugly, fat and deserved to be called names.

I never felt comfortable in my own skin and body and I just wanted to be somebody else even when people would tell me that I was smart, hardworking and some wanted to be like me.

It was hard to accept my own body and who I truly am, Of course there are times when I feel bothered by my own weight but I realized that if I hate my own body, who will love it for me?

Imperfection is found within all of us, no one after all is completely perfect.

If we learn to accept ourselves, love ourselves, we will find self confidence.
Self love and self worth is very hard to give if your positive mentality is always shattered by the negativity of a lot of people, but it takes real strength and determination to look beyond the negativity of others to find and accept the perfection of your imperfections.

I’m not saying all of these to promote obesity, if your weight is endangering your health then you should try your best to change that, but of course, we should learn to support those who suffer from this not to continue shaming them and make their positions worse.

Anyways, I am talking about those people (Not just girls, even the boys) who hates themselves because they think they don’t fit in, that hey have to meet society’s standards of beauty just to feel accepted.

Acceptance and Beauty will come only from the one who possess the body.

Fell free to email ( me your thoughts or just posts them in the comments.


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  1. Cruelty knows no bounds. I feel gratitude when I read your story. Gratitude for your courage and your strength to keep going despite the almost constant cruelty you have endured. Gratitude that you learned to love your body. Gratitude that you reveal the love of self you carried always within. I am certain that millions, could they read your words today, would weep, grateful not to be alone, grateful to be understood.

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