Just in Case

When I suddenly die here are the things I want to say,

Thank you to my Papa, who was there for his broken and damaged children even if he was greatly damaged and broken himself. When we lost her, I know you lost yourself as well.
You spend time with your friends and you drink your alcohol because it provides you the comfort you can’t find in your children. Don’t hurt too much. My death is not much of a big deal. My greatest regret would be not being able to repay everything you have done and showing you how much I appreciate everything despite how unappreciative I may appear.

To my sisters, Thanks for being there, among all the fights it was nice having people to stand by you. My only regret is that I didn’t show any affection while I still can. Achieve your dreams because that’s all you can do right now. Life is tough but you need to be tougher.

My family is my greatest treasure when I was alive. We’re broken and imperfect but it’s all I’ve got and through thick and thin it’s all I’m going to have.

My greatest regret of all is not showing how much I love and treasure them, each one of them. I can never say I love you or say thank you or say sorry because I’m already dead. I can never give them hugs, make them feel the love I have for them because I’m dead.
To my friends, I love you all. My biggest regret is staying inside of my house instead of hanging out and making many memories with you people.

To my best friend, you’re there even if I don’t tell you everything. You’re there just to have fun with me, thank you for the laughs, the gifts, the memories and the experiences.

I’m sorry if I sometimes I embarrass you, my only regret now that I’m dead is that I will never  have the chance to open up to you and  I will never be there with you again and I won’t be able to comfort you when you need me.

To the friends I could’ve met, I wish I could’ve been there to meet all of you. I wish I could’ve been there to hang out and make memories, to inspire and be inspired by you.

To the people I could’ve inspired, I wish I could’ve stayed and shared my ideas, my thoughts and my dreams with you. I wish I was the reason you were inspired but I guess that’ll never happen.

To my country I could’ve served, one of my biggest regret is not being able to stay to help make a change. To spread love and peace among the wars that is constantly happening. The wars that are destroying the very name and foundation of my beloved country, My biggest regret is not being able to do something about it.

To the world, I regret not being the person to make my own legacy by making a difference that could’ve affected a lot of people.

I have tons of regrets upon my death, I have tons of dreams I could’ve fulfilled.
I’m dead now, so those regrets, dreams, ideas and thoughts die with me. My only wish right now that I’m dead is that the pain I’ve left will heal and leave scars that will be a reminder that they have a chance to change their life no matter how impossible it may seem. To hope that goodness will come even if it’s seems that only agony is out there.

Tomorrow will always come and with that comes so many possibilities.
My tomorrows have come to an end but to those who still have tomorrows should make it worth it. If there’s something wrong, change it. Lives are only short so make it worth living.



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