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Honestly, I feel stressed out with blogging (not only that but I’m stressed out by a lot of things) and why would I be stressed out? I rarely post! *please insert the lenny face here*
First of all, it was because all of the things I had to take care of with school were taking time away from me writing and painting.

Second, I want to put on my artworks with my blog posts but due to the fact that I couldn’t make them because of the avalanche of work and other priorities I had I didn’t just finish them.
Third, I was doubting this whole thing,  I wanted this blog to live but I really have no talent in writing and since I pretty much lack the things I need to keep my aesthetic up with my blog it literally stresses me out.
I can’t write because in my head I always think about “Why am I writing something I know I can’t finish? ”Why can’t I finish my thoughts?” “Why am I still trying to write?” “This doesn’t look right” “I can’t even correct my own grammar” and etc.
There are so many doubts at the back of my head and it’s literally holding me back.
I’ve always planned so many things for this blog and even if I want to start over, I just can’t because I’ve already started here. I’ve already written down some of my most personal thoughts and stories. It’s a thing I made that is for me, it is too good to lose.
Doubt had always there for me, not only with blogging but also with art and almost everything else I do.
I even taught that by keeping anonymous or by just simply hiding my name can help with me to not hold back but it just became one of my reasons when I feel like holding myself back.

I want to see blogging like I see painting, you’re horrible at first and a lot of people are better than you but slowly, you’ll see yourself improve.  It’s not a race, all that matter  is you keep on making process and there is never a finish line.
I’ve been blogging for a while now and I don’t wanna go back to square one. I’ve worked and placed a part of me here and I do not wanna leave that.

So, this is how I’ll start.


“Hi, my name is Shiena.. “


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