Summer (Watercolor paintings)


I’m not really that good with watercolor so I’m really happy with how this one turned out. The idea behind this was to draw something summer related but I thought I wanted to put tattoos on her because tattoos are freakin’ awesome.
Fun fact, I’m the only one in the my family who thinks that way since my family thinks people with tattoos are automatically thugs and whatnot but honestly, just because I like tattoos doesn’t mean I want one on my body. I just don’t wanna commit to a tattoo and ending up not liking it in the end.

So, this painting actually has a  bit of colorpencils on it. I used the pencils for the lines and the hair but I didn’t use it as much since it kinda highlighted the texture of the paper.



This second one is inspired by a sketch I did for a witch character.  I liked how she looked so much so I painted her.
I hate the lips! I didn’t notice how messy they looked until they were scanned.
Like look at them. Look at those flabby things.
She looks like she’s sick. (and they aren’t in proportion).

I fixed it already but I still haven’t  scanned the fixed version but I will update this post once it’s scanned.

Still I like how it turned out and I plan to draw more of this character.

There’s still a lot of room for improvement and I still need to practice more so yep.


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