It’s Just Blank

via Daily Prompt: None

There are a lot of people talking around you but you don’t understand a word.
Then you realize that everyone is suddenly talking in a different language.

A language that is although familiar, you don’t understand. You think you’ve gone blind  but everything looks as clearly as it was before.

You feel confused but you know that this happened before and it’s happening again.

Suddenly you feel like you’re drowning even though you’re not wet at all, except for the streaks of sweat starting to form on your back even if the weather is cold.

You feel like suffocating even if there’s nothing choking you.

Your arms start to feel numb and your feet start to feel weak.

You manage to stand up and you prepare yourself to run for it but like a cheesy super hero movie, a surge of people suddenly starts blocking your way making getting out of there a challenge.

You start running despite the fatigue slowly consuming you.

You glance at a few faces as you run and you know even if you didn’t see them as clearly, those faces didn’t give off happy looks toward you.

You run and run till you see nobody else.
You enter this room with nothing in it expect darkness and darkness.

You slowly go in and you walk slowly towards nothing.

Every step you take feels like an eternity even if you know it’s not, or maybe it is.

For a few moments, there was nothing but darkness but you still kept going.

Until finally, you see a light.

Feeling a sudden rush in your stomach, you run as fast as you can towards it till your feet started aching.
You run and run until, there it is.

The sight you see calms you down.
It’s like finally drinking a cup of water after journeying in a dessert for a day.

You see the world as it can be and the positive things that you can place in the world.
You see an outlet you can use to reach out to the world you don’t understand and don’t understand you.
You see a place where you can tell any story you want.
You see a place where you can hide but at the same time be free.

You see a blank canvas..


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