Temporary things

via Daily Prompt: Temporary

(Credits to my friend Patrick who took the amazing feature image)

In every road we take in life, no matter how dream like it is. It will only be temporary.
Friendships, Relationships, Affection, Hatred and Attraction are temporary things but one can’t help to think that maybe, somewhere in those roads we take mindlessly every single day, there is something that can last forever but we never notice them because we’re always blindly going toward empty goals that the fleeting moments that we do notice, it stuns us but never strong enough for us to stop and take a look at it.
Or maybe when we do stop and see it, a thing that can last forever that you know will last, you still won’t go for it because if you take it, you’ll be putting yourself at risk.

For you, those Temporary things are temporary, you’ll be expecting that it’ll be gone soon, you’ll know that it’ll be gone soon but with something that is forever, you’ll be paranoid at the idea that like any other temporary thing you had it will fade as well and  it will be gone as well.

You’ll start to doubt its ability to stay even if you know well, that it will last.

Sometimes those doubts will consume you, those doubts will tell you that you don’t deserve something that last, maybe they’ll even tell you that it’s dangerous to have something that’ll last, so unconsciously you start to let go, but it’s not easy.


Letting go of something that will last is 100X harder than letting go of something temporary. You might let it go like that easy but soon you’ll start developing a craving for it. You’ll start to miss it because, things that last unlike temporary things make an impact in your life so hard, that once it’s gone it’s not very easy to forget about it.

It leaves a bit of you empty and craving and no matter how many temporaries you have, you’ll never satisfy the need for that one thing that lasts.

So my suggestion is, once you find that one thing that lasts,

Do not let it go.



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