I tried something new

I started a new blog. It’s not really much. It’s literally an online diary.

I just realized lately that even if no one really reads my blog, I always felt like I was writing for other people.

I started this online journal because I wanted to write for myself for a change.

The journal is more personal now and honestly, I’m happier with it.

It doesn’t have much of an aesthetic because there’s not much images but the content is more personal to me.

I want people who’ll read my blog eventually to focus more on the writing not on the design so really it looks perfect. I’m still on the process of customizing it but if you want to read some of my entries you can go check it out here.
If you ever read my blog, I hope you stick with this one as well because this blog is an actual window of my life through my own eyes.


Blog name is https://winterwandererdotblog.wordpress.com/


If you’re wondering why I didn’t delete this blog, it’s because I do not want to lose the things I wrote here. I may consider this new blog as more personal but this one still holds a part of me, a part of my world and I do not want to just erase that.

I’ll still put some stuff here but I’ll put more there.




One Comment Add yours

  1. Congrats on trying something new! Good luck!

    Come visit some time.

    Mena from noirerewritten.com

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