Artworks: Zodiacs

I made 2 acrylic paintings a few weeks ago and I wanted to out them here.

The paintings are actually inspired by my bestfriend and I because my bestfriend is a Gemini and I am a Cancer so I thought I should go make a painting about that or somehow related to that and give her the other one but it fit perfectly on the wall I didn’t give it to her and decided to keep it. (Sorry mate 🙂 )

You’ve probably seen this before if you’ve seen the The Wall blog post. It’s one of the paintings on the wall but I wanted to show these paintings off individually because they have meanings and stories behind them.

So here they are,

GeminiThis one is called “Gemini” because of the Gemini symbol on her neck.

She also has a flower in her hair and is wearing a yellow top ( I asked my Bestfriend to choose a color and she chose yellow and I liked it because Yellow is the color of happiness)

SONY DSCThis other one is called “Cancer” and the symbol is on her hair. I actually liked how this one turned out better than the other one.The only thing I hate about it is the background but that’s okay. The color I chose is black because it’s my favorite color.


If you want to see more of these artworks visit my Instagram page @cosimshiena


An extra artwork is this one:

The Sun from the story I’ve been writing and I really hope I’ll be able to put it in this blog soon.

I drew and painted this one during the Intramurals because I was bored and literally had nothing else better to do.

SONY DSCThe symbols on her crown actually means a lot of things.

The Little Gem circles actually symbolizes the planets in the solarsystem.

The C is the roman numeral for 100 while the M with a bar on top means a million.

Ten of one million is one billion and simply, it just means that there is 100 billion  stars in the universe.

The I means one in Roman Numerals and that symbolizes the fact that there is only one star in the Solar System and that is the Sun.



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