Welcome to my cottage!


Oh, you’re probably lost in the words right now.

HELLO! I’m AYA and I’m the magical witch in this forest.

I talk about random stuff on my blog. Some are sensitive topics and some are not that much sensitive. I also talk about places I’ve been to and events I’ve attended.

I also share most of my not so good drawings along with my articles.

Some of the photos I use for my Feature images are not mine so please if the owners ever come here. I give all the credits to you dear owner. (Some of them, because most of the feature photos are mine). Anyways, unlike most blogs, I do not publish on a daily basis I publish once a month or twice a month. I hope you stay tuned on my blog for more random thoughts and ideas!

That’s it for now my beloved visitor. It’s not much of a long message from me but I do hope you enjoy your stay!

Love Aya 👄❤